Sundar Singh was a great illuminated indian. He was converted to Christianism after a vision in which Jesus Christ has shown to him and talked to him. These prophecies were made after his visit in Romania, at the beginning of XX century. Other prophecies regarding the spiritual future of Romania and of the whole world were made by Nostradamus, the Christian saint Serafim of Sarov and others ( especially lately!).

NOTE OF THE TRANSLATOR: These prophecies were translated from Romanian language. I tried to follow the style of Sundar Singh; please excuse some expressions which, probably, have no place in the very best English.

Don’t be surprised about this way of addressing because I’m doing that for not leaving you to be deceived by this so skilful satanical frame‑up. I know that Romania have a great Divine mission for spiritual restoration which will make it to appear like an authentic spiritual model, able to be followed by the whole humankind. It is necessary to make this confession prophecy to the whole world nations, Christian or of other religions, because all the signs indicate the amazing spiritual changes which will happen soon. My words are not for determine you to consider me a fanatic symphatiser of romanians which imaginates to himself hymerical phantasms, because the one who inspired to me these prophecies, without any possibility of doubt, is the Holly Maiden and I’m reminding again that as like I feel, the main place in the protection of Romania is occupied by the Holly Maiden and after She by the Great Cosmic Powers, near these adding the majority of the heaven saints. Soon, almost all the nations of the humankind will open their eyes and will contribute to fulfil the reality wished by God and they will subdue much properly than anytime, because in those times will cess in great measure the human stubbornness which makes possible so many bad interpretations of the Divine will. The perpetuation of bad things will cess, the Divine revelations will cover the whole world, making so that all that is pleasant before God, to come out in the light, to help people to reach the wisdom and make them perfect. Now, when I’m telling you these prophecies ,if I had a romanian origin, maybe I could be considered guilty of nationalism and if I were an european from the latin community, then it should appear some reasons to be judged in a human mode, with human passion; but, because I’m an indian illuminated by Jesus Christ and I am firm established in Christian faith, I can speak without any difficulty, assuring you that now I’m doing nothing else than expressing the God will. In the years that will come and in the months that will come, in the country of your living (Romania), the crust of the earth will take fire, the clime will suffer some changes, earthquakes will destroy many buildings, hurricanes and strong winds, terrestrial and maritime, will destroy the human boldness based only on the so‑named power of science. The human cleverness put in the service of the evil will show to the world the most horrible crimes and the world will find out the most terrible illnesses that will appear to destroy the existence of bad and perverted men. In those times of great changes, in other places on the earth, a quarter of humanity will disappear instantaneously, and after that, at a second trial, from those escaped alive and terrified, will disappear almost another quarter, the others will orientate body and soul towards God‑ from the baby at his mother breast to the most obstinate tyrant walking on the earth surface. But I’m saying to you not to calculate the time of the spiritual changes at the level of this world, with the calendar of your mean interests, because as I have seen, those changes will come over you and will take you by surprise, even if you stay unflinched in your obstinacy and you don’t believe in God. Many people which compose the Asian nations will orientate toward the Christian religion almost instantaneously, and many wild tribes will become Christian, also due to the great spreading of the Bible, after that it becoming universal known at all the peoples, indifferently of their language, from the North Pole to the South Pole. You will know that those times are close when England will loose it’s power and France will be assimilated by the surrounding nations. Gradually the statal powers will disappear, for in their places to appear a new power, named World States Federation, with one president, one currency, one ruling council, one army, air‑carried, used only for defense or internal safety, it’s soldiers having the duty to keep the order in these zones. In that period Rusia will become one of the most Christian
countries on the earth surface, the Bosfor and Dardanele will sink, completely disappearing by the earth surface, also many islands will disappear, being destroyed by earthquakes, the earth crust being jolted by a great number of scourges which will fall over the men. The holy gifted churches will be gathered in only one, surnamed Christian Church, right convicted, apostolical and missionary which will prepare almost the whole world for the spiritual changes which will happen at the level of the entire planet. Also, in those times will appear the antichrist, it meaning all those, more or little aware, fight against the veritable spirituality, wanting the triumph of the obscure forces of darkness and lieness, which maintain the human being in a unaware state of unconsciousness and lethargycal slavery, and many idea fights will appear, without any kind of weapon, for annihilation of the veritable faith in God. All of these and many others, although maybe unbelieved now by some peoples, later, it will happen due to God will. There will be exceptions from the punishment of the destructive fire and from the massacre which will proceed almost on the entire world, Romania and the surnamed holly places from Palestina. Untouched by sword will remain also the citadel of Vatican, but his power of influence, so much desired, will become zero. Romania will pass through some phases of fundamental changes becoming at last, owing to its exemplary spiritualisation, an authentic spiritual hotbed, able to be compared with the mythical „New Canaan”, and Bucharest will become an essential centre of this hotbed. This capital of the spiritual pole of the planet will be almost entirely rebuilded, at last remaining a constructions arrangement, ring‑shaped, having 7 km diameter, which will be considered by all nations like an authentic „New Jerusalem” of the world. Even if my words are staggering you, it is necessary to say that for everybody, these will happen exactly as I’m saying, in those future times, because all of those represent the all‑powerful will of God and not of men. All the nations by the whole world will participate at different common activities having equal rights in this new spiritual centre, considered to be the biblical New Jerusalem manifestation, the equality in rights of all countries and nations, being, naturally, an essential condition in front of Good God. Romania will pass in the future through great worries and through some foreign changes that will impose it exemplarily as prestige in the international situation and through the kindness of fortune, it will escape almost untouched by the mondial warlike strives situation, declaring itself, due to it’s extraordinary spiritualisation, neutral country, that will assume itself the role of perfect nucleus of divine wisdom and loveness. At last all the enemies of Romania will bring down to its knees, at the boundaries of this country and, full of humility, will recognise its spiritual mission that it will manifest itself through the terrible power of God. Then, all of you will see, because it will be an heavenly sign, because in the future time wars, fire and destructions will surround it, but it will remain untouched, exactly like a heavenly green oasis, in the middle of the frightful destroyer desert caused by the human cleverness put in the service of the bad, which will be used by the satanical intelligences in the last clench at which, for the time being, men don’t even think of. After the amazing planetary changes and a flashing grim war, at last there will remain neither defeated or triumphants. Will remain three categories: ‑ death ones ‑ those who will be wounded and maimed in war ‑ the survivors entirely untouched. And then the number of the killed and affected in the war ones will be so great, that nobody will speak neither about the defeat and or about the win of the war, because its consequences will be so great that all the survivors will be frightened. Crimes, leprosy, cholera and many other frightening diseases, among them being some completely new, unknowned before, will haunt the earth surface, affecting especially the bad ones, wild beasts will swoop upon the cities and villages, attacking people. Many changes will take place on the earth and all these great wraths, most often unexpected by men, will take place, in some situations , in a flashing mood. From the ashes, the sufferings and the testings of all these changes and disasters, the unaffected witnesses and the survivors will search with much force the path of approaching to Good God, whom they have neglected, more or less so much time. Then everybody will convince himself that it doesn’t exist any religion superior to the truth,understanding that only the knowledge of the TRUTH make man free, reintegrating him into the Divine Absolute, to become One with Godness. Only then man will understand that he is embraced by God and God is alive, eternal, all powerful and all‑knowing in each man, in the form of the divine spirit. All that I’m saying to you will take place and many of you will convince yourself in those times of beginning of pains and trials, and all that I’m saying now will be found out by you later, even if the world will persist not to believe it. In those times it will come the time of appearing of those pure men, endowed with extraordinary divine graces that there has been spoken 2000 years ago. Those really spiritual evoluated, which in those times will pass with success through the different and hard trials, will represent a clean, wise and holy third deigned of God illumination. In those times that will come, Romania will become and will remain a heavenly garden of the divine bless, of love, of happiness, of purity and wisdom, in which the life style will be, in great part, a spiritual one, elevate and pure, sustained by a sublime living in fast and meditation, in spirit and truth, similar with that of first Christians. Happy country and happy people are the chosen minoritars living among the romanian people, because many of them will join the immense kindness of God for the romanian people. As indian, I infer that Good God wants to choose between all peoples, the most humiliated people, the most terrible tried by the hostility of strong ones. Often exploited, threatened, invaded, terrorized, solded and bought, at almost every war being the bargaining market between those who made the war. The amalgam of the distinct appearance of this people, comprises the best virtues of each nation, assimilated in his soul full of love and kindness; this is a hospitable people, having an elevate shade, pleasantly to be an example of universal merge with the divine qualities, with a right raison and an admirable faith. The romanian people is also the most advisable people of the world, thanks to his select compassion and to his selfless love to offer material and spiritual hospitality to all the peoples all over the earth surface. The VII‑th Ecumenical Synod will take place in Romania, and the main mission for the spreading in Asia of the really spiritual Christianism, is destined to russian people, but in influencing other peoples, in latest times, it will have no interference. The power with what the rest of peoples will be flogged, wherever the punishment it is necessary, will be given to the chinese people‑yellow race‑ in cooperation with the japanese people, which, also,will be the whip of Godness punishment. After the finish of the terrible armed strife staying in front of you,all weapons will be thrown or abandoned, because a new kind of war, „of the soul”, will begin. This will be the war without physical weapons, for the spiritual perfection, for the true faith in God, which, apparent, will use no weapons, being, in fact, one hundred times more dangerous and difficult than the armed one. In the future, the Papal power will gradually disappear and will appear a new synodal leadership that will have the residence first at Rome, provisional, than at Bucharest, in the „New Jerusalem”, for ever. In those future times, will be 1000 times more happy those who will lo
ok for the Spiritual perfection, living in a total trust in God, because times will be very agitated and awfully and will can bear easily only those caressed, inspired and fed by Holly Spirit. What I’m saying to you that will come, take care that are the second pain and the second heaven, because through the first pain you passed without lamentation. In those times, the chair of the end judgement will be felt and seen by all humankind over Romania and in the great holy city, Bucharest, symbolically named the „New Jerusalem”, which, in some measure, will be the work of almost the entire humanity, but designed after a Godly power inspired plan, will be built the most monumental spiritual abode for communion with the Godness, called the Supreme Divine Centre, that will have very spiritual developed representatives from all the peoples, forming the Illuminated Watch‑men Brotherhood, which will be selected between the sages. And it will be composed (The Supreme Divine Centre) by 101 smaller centres, harmoniously ordered, in what will be most representative men, very advanced and who will transmit both, practical and theoretical, the Godly and Eternal truth to the immense majority of earth peoples. This architectural work will be the masterpiece of the sublime cooperation of all the earth styles, cleverly harmonized in a magnificent work like nothing before. The wise servants of these spiritual abodes from the „New Jerusalem” will be perfectly spiritual and very harmonious by the physical point of view, with bodies of seraphical harmony and proportionality, all being between those 114 thousand sages, illuminated pures and honests, the expression of the completely spiritual perfection and of a high Godly perfection on this earth. The illuminated watch‑men with seraphical bodyes and full of purity will be 400. The others who will guide the ring‑disposed centres, also very spirituals and with seraphical bodyes, will be 101. In this unique place all over the world, will be seen great illuminated and sages who in some moments will materialize themself, being able to be seen talking with the men by the earth, desirous to learn the Godly mysteries of the spirit. All those who will enter this Divine Centre will understand, with a surprising easiness, that they are the divine children of God. Happy will be there all those who will traverse the Romanian ground, breathing its air, because all the country will be invaded by pilgrims, desirous to discover the Divinity and all the sacred places of this country will become transfiguratoreus centres of illumination and discover of the divine truth. That Supreme Divine Centre will be able to comprise easily two million peoples. That work will be performed in 10 years, because, even that the Divine Centre will be finished in 5 years, the integral rearrangement of the city around it will be finished 5 years later. Around the city will be gardens with fertile ground, of the best quality in which, behind the various vegetables, will grow and will produce plenty planted fruit trees, for nothing to be miss to the living of his inhabitants.The harvests then will be abundants.Many mechanical roads and moving pavements will lighten much the circulation, and some mechanisms especially invented will lighten the inhabitants life, and the visitation of these places. Many new aerial machines will be put in the service of this model city and all that is most new in technics, to lighten the life, will be here. This city will have four roads, and the access in it will be realized through four monumental gates. In Romania will be constructed a canal that will join the Black Sea with the Danube, which will function normally, and also another canal which will join the Danube with the great reconstructed city of Bucharest, allowing the ships, even very big ones, to reach till this wonder city. All these works will be completed due to the divine plan, in the future, in an interval of time.The agriculture, the viticulture, the fruit growing and the beekeeping will be honourable occupations because in that chosen country will be ceased the sacriffication of cattles and will be consumed especially cereals, vegetables and fruits, lait and cheese, eggs and only pure wine.The beekeeping will be the most honourable occupation, because that chosen country will appreciate honey and the bechive products, using for the divine sacrifice only pure beeswax and edible oil of the best quality. The tobacco, the coffee and other poisons so injurious to man health, will cess to be needed by men, and the inveterates and vicious ones will leave, they alone, this country.The wizards, the smokers, the drunkards, the profligates, the criminals, also the lazybones ones, not compelled, but voluntarily, will give up these satanical occupations and these vices will become smaller and smaller, disappearing at last almost completely. Each inhabitant of this country, chosen by God to be example, will earn his all days bread working in honourable mode, in function of his possibilities and his native mission. The times of exploitation, terror, fraud and oppression will set in this country. Each inhabitant of this chosen people will be rejoiced at the bless and divine graces, many of them being gifted with wisdom and various powers to make wonders. All the gifts will overflow over this chosen country, which will have the noble mission of spiritual restoration of the whole world.

All the connection ways through air, water and on earth being very favourable, Romania will be one of the most prosperous and abundant countries, living in peace with all its neighbours. Basarabia will be rejoined to Romania for ever, because the russian people will honour that chosen country and will renounce at this province which will generate many conflicts. But in a much far future, all the neighbouring territories of Romania will fusionate, making together the European States Federation, thing at which peoples had thought with long time before.

All of that I’ve been telling you till now is necessary to be fulfilled because they are true and all that I’m telling you will convince you when all these will happen. In the future times, the russian people, full of love, will come to help the work which Romania will have to fulfil in the world. But, before these, will be starvation in many places, the bread will be absent, will be great earthquakes which will make many victims and in many places over the world men will disappear under ruins, which will remind very hardly the traces of some cities which will disappear from the earth surface. Wars, panic and all kinds of missunderstandings will make the great powers, like Rusia, to fall, for the happiness of the little countries which compose it. The atheists will begin to study the holly scriptures and will concern themselves to understand the science of spirit, searching to discover all that is hidden in man. Due to those researches, a new turn will occur in the life of some peoples. In many places over the world, the food will be absent. In order to all those wraths to be pass as fast as possible or not to be so terribly, God inspire me to give you an advise:nations, men, be united for your perfection, be as conciliated as possible, forgive each other and spend as much as possible of the available energies to reach the freedom in God and the eternal happiness. Make it all now and here, in this life and don’t postpone the spiritual perfection for a reincarnation. Doing all what you can do and acting with perseverance, every one of you can be saved. To impulsionate the building of the New Jerusalem, build yourself by love and cleanliness and Holly Spirit, living in good acts as in that mode to let your inner spirit to show himself in your heart, where from to pick out the untruth, the selfishness and the passion for destruction which, when grow over some limits, lead to the destruction of man. In the future for that spiritual construction it will be much to work.

The dwell of the sublime worship which will be offered as example to the whole world, will be materialized through the summed efforts of those who are chosen and pures. Men simply and fair in their hearts, filled with love for God, will be much more rapidly spiritualized if they will have an intense spiritual living, paying to material thinks a smaller attention.

Ever those who are poor in wishes will be reach in satisfaction. Overhappy will be those who will live in the Godly Spirit. Especially these will see that the simplicity and the purity of life don’t mean inner poverty, but is exactly opposite, an unexpected spiritual treasure.

Those who are simple and good have an unexpected spiritual superiority. Many are the enigmes of the human soul and these are very hard to deciphered for one who doesn’t resort at self knowledge. The human being can’t discover his Creator and can’t understand, even a little His deed, unless he discovers himself in the hidden depths of his being.To reach the divine perfection, every man must look for knowing himself as good as possible. All the material accumulations disappear at the physical death of man, but spiritual features and man experiences add in spirit, for eternity.

The unshaken faith in the Supreme Divine is the secret of the immortal existence in spirit. The faith make that the inner power of being became unlimited, helping it to become perfect through the union with God, in eternity. Through the benefactory, steady faith, man can reach the divine happiness.

Jesus says:”If you will have faith only just like an mustard grain, you will accomplish everything and you will say to this mountain to throw itself in the sea and the mountain will throw itself”. In these words it is revealing to us the mystery of the faith power.

The truth is that in the times that are to come, all over the earth, only few will be the ones which will have faith, and those who will have no faith will be ded before, although they will continue to live physically, because they will cess to have a conscious relation with God. The one steady in his faith, even in the physical life, finds out that all the wonders are possible for him, and so he can wrest himself free by the materia and its laws, becoming all powerful through his spiritual living, which will reveal to him even God.

Through the power of benefactory faith appear the gifts of God in man. Through the power of faith man is feeling convinced why he must make the good acts and he comes to wish it with ardour, acting so as often as possible, like his Creator.

Due to his untired faith, the infinite heavenly powers are always helping him and from that point the inner life of man begins happier and happier. Through the agency of the chosen romanian people, Good God will speak to men all over the world, sending those who are chosen among this people to help other human beings, to help them to grow to a superior life and to Godly perfection. For Heavenly Father every human soul is very precious, because in its middle, taking the form of Spirit there is a „spark” of God.

If man will reach to believe strongly that all his powers and the help are coming to him from God, then he will subdue his entire being to the Divine. Only then man’s spiritual life reveals inexhaustive sources of abnegation and love and many good qualities like obedience, humility, devoutness, diligence, mother wit, gratitude, respect, hope. All these and many others blossom due to faith. Because else, how you will love something that doesn’t exist and how you will be obedient, if you haven’t got the steady conviction of the existence of that Divine Power to whom you subjugate yourself, or whom you want to manifest your gratitude? Many people said that they have no faith, but in such a case, at all, they confess their negative, destructive belief.

In such cases the existence of the opposite belief is proven right through negation. The grade of faith of every man grows or diminishes through its manifestation in various situations.

All what I was told to you here are completely true and in the times that are to come, the country chosen by Good God will be the centre of the spiritual restoration on the earth surface.

The countless wonders which will be done in this country and the mysteries which will be discovered in those times in that places, will make the peoples of the world to search with much abnegation the Godly mysteries.

In Romania, God will make possible the appearance of some great miracles, for those who are chosen to discover Him and for the atheists to return at faith as soon as possible.

In this chosen people of romanians, God has put a warm and loving heart, the nature of men being opened to discover easily the path to perfection, almost everyone being capable to enlight the other peoples due to the divine graces what they are blessed with.

In those future times, the romanian people, preacher of divine wisdom, will be a hospitable host, full of love, which will manifestate itself without any slyness, and on his entire territory will be a perplexing abundance, for all the pilgrims that will come to be satiated.

The headquarter of the International Red Cross will be at Bucharest, in the New Jerusalem, because the discoveries of that people in the field of medicine and health will be extraordinary, placing, also, this country on the first place in the world. Still, in Romania will be philantropical and administratives institutions, absolutely new, like never before on this earth, of divine inspiration, which will pursuit the arouse of the hidden powers of man and the amplification of the spiritual divine endowments.

The jewish people will be almost the only one that will take a strong opposite position at the benefactory growing influence of the romanian people, knowing of Divine Mysteries, but at the final of this ideas struggle even it will be convinced that the truth sustained by the romanian people is one with God and after that it will not fight against the Divinity.

The holly spirit led ones and the great illuminated ones, from some points of the earth will confess, at their turn the reality of the truth preached by the romanian people, reconfirming it with all their power.

But, before to arrive here, this chosen country will pass through great worries which will put the people to hard trials.

This chosen people will pass before to arrive here through three great trials. The end of those trials will be pointed by a planetary disaster caused by earthquakes, that will frighten almost the entire world. Also, in those times the very rich ones will loose their fortunes. In those future times, on the chosen territory of Romania, will be built ,so, in two modes: spiritual and material. In those future times, the rulers of the world peoples will make an union to realize a global convention for mutual help and will centralize the monetary system to conduct as good as possible the administrative life at the level of the entire planet. In those future times, there will appear an army which will be educated and unified to be universal, having an international character. The indian people will be happy to know and help the romanian people in his planetary mission. Due to the friendship relations which will appear with all the countries of the world, Romania will escape like in a wonder from the wars conjuncture. In the times that are to come, the North and the Middle America will became, in the most part, a mammoth graveyard. Those will happen right in the eve of some immense plans of domination

which will pursuit the supremacy over the whole planet. Unique in action and one that will refrain to take part at putting into reality the beautiful ideas and the global implementations which will happen, will be England, but, its opinion will not be taken into account, because at short time after that it will become to own only his islands. The colonies which belong to it, will be totally liberated in the future.

Even if you are amazed by what I have told to you, no one should be surprised of what is going to happen, because everybody has what he deserves, finally triumphing the right, the truth and the spiritual light.

Although the bugles of truth will sound everywhere, especially on the New Jerusalem territory‑ Romania, will be carried the most fiery fight.