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Remarkable 30kw Generator Could Eliminate Your Electric Utility Bill & Provide Total "Energy Independence"

Suntem siguri ca exista surse free energy neexploatate si putin sau absolut deloc cunoscute.
Mai multe aspecte franeaza propagarea informatiei in aceasta directie:
– impostura si sarlatania care genereaza neincredere si in solutiile reale
– lacomia si dorinta de putere
– organizatiile care doresc ca aceste informatii sa ramana necunoscute
– in fine, prostia este un impediment serios.
Societatea Academica AdAnima urmareste actioneze cu intelepciune si sa concentreze informatia autentica.
Desigur, nu garantam pentru ceea ce publicam, dar urmarim sa facem o selectie cat mai buna si informatiile pot fi apoi verificate.

Cu toate acestea, nu uitati ca oricat de multa energie si oricat de gratuita ar fi in instalatiile casei noastre sau in rezervorul masinii, singura energie cu adevarat valoroasa este cea spirituala si pe aceasta merita cu adevarat sa o acumulam si sa o rafinam.
Aceastea sunt intotdeauna posibile deoarece energia spirituala este cu adevarat free.
Pentru a simti aceasta trebuie sa invatam sa ne bransam la sursele infinite de energie din macrocosmos.

Leonard Radutz
Societatea Academica AdAnima


The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) plans to install a revolutionary new „Permanent Magnet” generator at no cost to a limited number of U.S. and Canadian residents once a target number of households are registered and attend a public demonstration of the technology.

ITEC plans to install and maintain the generator much like your meter is owned and maintained by your local electric utility.

You would then be in line for 26,000 kilowatts of free electricity every year (the average all-electric home uses between 14,000 and 18,000 kilowatts per year). The excess energy the generator supplies can be sold back to your current electricity provider under the new Electricity Deregulation laws, thereby creating revenue for our company and enabling us to supply your power at no cost.

The unit we plan to install will be placed outside the home, will require no outside energy, and will be quiet and friendly to the environment.

We would like to send you our amazing Free Energy DVD that will explain all the details.

On this video you’ll see an astonishing demonstration of the power of permanent magnets which we believe can be used as a free, unlimited and nonpolluting energy source; you’ll learn about the company that spent years in research and development to harness this energy; and you’ll hear about a program which could soon revolutionize electricity production in America.

If you want to help save the environment, prevent fossil fuel pollution and possibly never pay another energy bill again for the rest of your life then you owe it to yourself to get registered today!

This intial offer is limited to approximately 1 out of every 60 U.S. homes and the installation of units will be on a first come first served basis.

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